Perfecting your project.
Development Management


iT-werX is dedicted to bringing you the best product possible. Through a system borrowed from the film industry, your project can proceed in a timely manner and be exactly what you are looking for.

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Towns Canada

An inhouse project created using Drupal CMS. The need for extencive modifications to Drupal modules and themeing was needed to accomplish what the project need to do.

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Gabriola Life

An inhouse project was built to meet the needs of the small island community of Gabriols Island, British Columbia. Created using Laravel 7.*. This project hosts several content writers and an e-commerce component the hosts products made by local artisans.

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Proman Component

A project managegement component for October CMS. Features include, Task Manager, Scheduler, Integrated Calander, Notifier, and more.

Steps to production.


The first stage is to create a concept of what you are looking for. Working closely together we draw out what your project will become. Brain-storming, taking ideas and making sense of the direction you would like to go.

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Where the work happens... Bringing together the ideas, constructing the project into a working model... This is were the action is!

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This is where the project is vigorously tested. You are given access to comb over the project and be sure it is the product you are looking for... Last changes and bugs are worked out here.

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Going Live

This is it! Your project goes out to the masses! Everyone gets to reap the rewards of your product.

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